plant-based restaurant

Couscous and carrot salad with feta cheese8,00€
Nachos with guacamole10,50€
Hummus mix (chickpeas, beets, avocado, oranges)10,50€
Caramelised aubergine with raspberry jam10,50€
Covered aubergine 10,50€
Veggie Biryani 12,00€
Special crepes10,50€
Mushroom stuffed with almond cheese and tomato sauce10,50€
Aubergine and roasted pepper millefeuille 10,50€
Toast with fried hazelnut cheese on tomatoes10,50€
Tofu-filled camembert snacks 12,00€
Soya Flamingo with potatoes and fried peppers12,00€
Broccoli, spinach and tomato pizza10,00€
Vegan sausage with chimichurri and chips 14,00€
Fideuá with tartufata cream (portobello, kalamata olives, capers, truffle) and truffle and black garlic aioli13,00€
Lemon sorbet and caramel cookie 4,00€
Hot chocolate meringue cake 4,00€
Glass of strawberries in balsamic with cream and cocoa crumbs 4,00€
Pear and pistachio cake with vanilla ice cream4,00€
Organic orange juice4,49 €
Black grape juice4,49 €
Pear-lemon juice 4,49 €
Tangerine and mango juice 4,49 €
Pineapple and raspberry juice4,49 €
If you have any allergies or food intolerances,
please consult our staff.
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Veggie Garden

Avda Cibeles, edf. palmera plaza nº1. Madrid, 28001

914356065 - info@veggiegarden.es

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